With Galiot, the wind will always be at your back

Galiot Insurance Services was born January, 2018. The company's founder, Brian Toglia, has 13+ years of experience in the insurance business which includes the last 6 years focused on working with life science companies. During that time, he noticed biotech companies require close attention, because their situation changes year-to-year; sometimes month-to-month. Although he knew there were specialists selling insurance to the life science market, he knew the market required a much higher standard of care, support and education.

Galiot Insurance Services is focused 100% on the life science market. The company's customers include diagnostics, biotech therapeutic, research, medical devices, reagent, software and instrument companies. Galiot works with companies of all sizes from raw start-ups to multinational complex companies.

Galiot has offices in Colorado and Texas, along with a strong presence in the Northeast and currently has customers in 17 states (this is growing daily) as well as foreign companies with US subsidiaries.